Tensioning frame profiles 100 mm
Tensioning frame profiles 100 mm
Tensioning frame profiles 100 mm
Tensioning frame profiles 100 mm

Tensioning frame profiles 100 mm

    • Price per running meter 25.22 € net
    • Profile length 6.08 m
    • Silver anodized according to DIN 17611
    • Profile is not bendable
    • for double-sided fabric covering

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inkl. 19% MwSt. zzgl. Versand

Delivery time
    5 - 8 working days


  • Silver anodized according to DIN 17611 EV6/EV1 (new E6/C-0)
  • Profile is not bendable
  • Packaging unit 2 pieces
  • Profile length 6.08 m of which 6 m net usable
  • Weight 1.58 kg / running meter
  • For double-sided fabric covering
  • Suitable for piping dimensions 10 - 14 x 3 mm

Highest quality thanks to high-precision processing using the extrusion process, elegant aluminum profiles for all types of textile tension frame systems in accordance with DIN EN 12020-2.


A protective layer, eloxate, is formed by converting the top metal layer into an oxide/hydroxide, which prevents corrosion (in accordance with DIN 17611). The profiles can be colored in any RAL shade at an extra charge, please contact us.


We ship our profiles on pallets (610 x 80 cm). You can put together as many profiles as you wish and always pay for at least half a pallet (610 x 40 cm) or a whole pallet depending on the quantity.

Please note that the goods must be unloaded with a forklift truck.

scope of delivery
    2 profiles 6,08 m = 12,16 m

Aluminum profiles

Elegant aluminum profiles for every type of textile tension frame system according to DIN EN 12020-2.

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