Anwendungsbereich Schulen & Kitas

Angenehme Räume sind wichtig um sich beim Spielen, Lernen und Ausruhen wohlzufühlen. By improving the acoustic situation, a room atmosphere is created, children and young people, but also teachers and educators are relieved.

In Gruppen-, Sport- und Pausenräumen reflektieren häufig sogenannte schallharte Oberflächen, wie Betondecken oder Glasfronten, den Schall. Due to this reflection, the background noise quickly builds up, people have to drown each other out in order to understand each other, and the so-called Lombard effect occurs.

A certain amount of noise is simply part of everyday life for children and young people, especially during breaks. However, if this also occurs during play, learning or teaching phases, the noise quickly becomes a burden.

In the classroom, poor acoustics prevent students from concentrating on the lesson. If speech intelligibility is reduced by reverberation, the brain has to work harder to follow the lesson. As a result of this constant strain, periods of receptivity become shorter, students become restless, stress levels rise and, in the long term, there may even be health consequences.

Acoustic screens and ceiling canopies reduce noise levels by absorbing sound that would otherwise be reflected from sound-reflecting surfaces. This reduction of reverberation creates pleasant room acoustics.

Akustik Deckenseegel in einem Hörsaal. Schallabsorberklasse A für eine verbesserte Raumakustik beim Lernen.

In the daycare center, the low noise level allows the educators to concentrate better on the children. In the classroom, students and teachers can work more concentrated. The breaks in the teachers' room can be used for relaxation again after the acoustic optimization. A big advantage is that the motifs are made of a textile print that can not only be replaced, but also washed or wiped off. Soiling can be easily and conveniently removed by washing.

Room dividers can also be used to visually and acoustically divide areas. In a kindergarten, for example, a play corner is ideally separated from a reading corner.

Our sound-absorbing frame elements are covered with interchangeable, individual textile prints. Free-form elements, for example ceiling sails or baffle solutions for sports halls and high corridors, can also be used for sound absorption. In this way, the room design becomes part of the acoustic optimization and contributes to a pleasant atmosphere.

Alle Elemente entsprechen der Brandschutznorm B1 nach DIN 4102. Auch Lösungen der Brandschutznorm A2 sind umsetzbar.