Textilspannrahmen im Anwendungsbereich Einzelhandel & Retail

Anwendungsbereich Einzelhandel & Retail

Das Shop-Design beeinflusst das Wohlbefinden der Kunden. Optimalerweise wird die Verweildauer im Shop und das Kaufverhalten positiv beeinflusst. Um diesen zu nutzen sind Elemente gefragt, sterben Funktionalität und Gestaltung Vereinen.

Primex offers various textile tensioning frame profiles, single or double-sided in different construction depths for the different requirements made to measure or individually and also manufactured as a series. As light box, light column, light cube or simple aluminum tension frame without lighting - a quick and easy assembly as well as exchange of the prints for the different seasonal motif changes is guaranteed.

LED Lichtrahmen in langer Form im Mode Geschäft

Integrate elements into the design concepts

In retail, the overall image of the store has an impact on the buying behavior of customers, which is why the store design is a central component of the corporate strategy. In order to integrate decorative elements into the store design, they must be flexible and at the same time represent the value of the store. Decorative surfaces must be able to be replaced quickly and easily to save time and money when adapting to the season or a promotion. In addition, stores depend on long-term solutions and a flexible, innovative and reliable supplier.

As a manufacturer, Primex has the ability to quickly implement product adaptations and developments. Our reliability is characterized by our employees as well as by the quality of our products. Due to our experience in the retail sector, we are able to provide our customers with sound consulting services regarding product specifications, motif selection, logistical optimization and much more.

Effect of light in retail

Durch den Einsatz von Leuchtkästen wird im Shop eine angenehme Atmosphäre geschaffen, in der sich die Kunden wohl fühlen. Die Verweildauer wird erhöht, das Kaufverhalten positiv beeinflusst. Zudem können Akzente gesetzt und der Blick des Kunden gezielt gelenkt werden. Die Leuchtkästen können als Licht Wände, Lichtdecken, Leuchtstelen oder auch beleuchtete Cubes oder Säulen eingesetzt werden. Die Vielfalt der Textilspannrahmen ermöglicht eine Umsetzung der verschiedensten Storekonzepte.

The Primex light frames can also be equipped with a manual or automatic dimming function, which can be connected to the building services. This allows the light intensity to be ideally adjusted when the motif changes.

LED Lichtwände im Einzelhandel

The various aluminum tension frame systems can be used as single-sided elements for wall or ceiling mounting or as double-sided elements, freely suspended or as a stele with feet. They offer an ideal advertising space due to the high-resolution printed textiles, freely designable with product photos, promotions or color accents. The textile prints can be easily exchanged without tools thanks to the Keder tension frame system, allowing the motifs to be easily adapted to the respective season or campaign. The slim frames put the motif in the spotlight.

In order to create a pleasant atmosphere in the store, which positively influences the dwell time and the buying behavior of the customers, the acoustics also play an important role. Modern store design is usually associated with sound-reflecting surfaces that cause a high reverberation time due to sound reflection.

By using sound-absorbing acoustic elements such as acoustic pictures, ceiling sails or room dividers, the acoustic situation is optimized. At the same time, the elements provide a design and advertising surface that can be flexibly adapted to the respective season thanks to the textile tension frame system.

LED Lichtwände im Schaufenster eines Mode Geschäfts
LED Lichtrahmen mit Preisanzeige im Mode Geschäft
Langer LED Textilspannrahmen im C & A Ladengeschäft